Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Arrivals Part 37 (The Sun God)

Assalamualaikum (Peace upon you) guys,

I'm sorry for the delay to upload the arrival series. I'm quite busy in this month. Okay, for this episode, it will describe about the sun god. Sun god is presumably one of ancient Egyptian god. They had many gods to serve. I am still not understand why they are called god if they were too many of them. What is so special about god if they have colleagues like human, like us? It is not make any sense at all. Let's back to the main point here, centuries ago, there were an empire called Babylon. At that time, there were too many unethical behavior happened like mixing the belief of God, changed facts in Torah (Taurat), and more. There are so many things that have been changed at that period of time. A lot of changes have been made just because of the madness of power to rule the country itself. The authorities wanted people in their empires kneel down to their king without any doubts. That was the source why Bible, Torah and Al-Quran were not in the same side. In fact, all the holy books are from the same and the only God, Allah.

About the Sun god, it had been existing centuries ago in Pharaoh's era until now. Why I said until now? It is because there are too many rituals in our religion have the same rituals for serving the Sun god! And many of them in Christian and Jews rituals. If somebody said that it is reckless to say that, please investigate by yourself about astrological science. Ancient people were too advanced with astrological knowledge, even beyond their period itself. Scientist in our period are also struggling to know how exactly ancient people could understand complicated things like this without having any modern technological and equipments like us. Please try to link all of your ceremony day and rituals with astrological aspects. Many of them would be pointing at the same source, the movement of stars and the sun. Christmas day is one of the rituals day that have definite link with the movement of the sun. Christian people, are you believe in God (Jesus's God) or the sun god? Think wisely because there are too many deceptions in our world right now, even the true story of Islam had been changed by historian people (Not all of them, but some of them).. the next episode will be on the story of Islam...

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