Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Arrivals Part 41 (The Bloodlines)

Assalamualaikum guys. Hmm....2010 is quite busy to me for early period. That's why I am seldom to post any new stories or information to all of you. Well, for this next chapter of the old arrivals..(it is old because Wakeup Project has been uploaded their new arrivals in Youtube) it is more on the truth of the world's leader. Who is exactly Bush, Queen Elizabeth, or in our period, Barack Obama. Many people in our region like Barack Obama because he persumably also has our connection..(He had learned at one of school in Indonesia). But, do you know that he also has Bush bloodlines? Well......let us watch this video and learn the truth. Old people always said,"Family first....". That is what Illuminati has done in their style to rule the world. Quite interesting they always said to all people around the world about democracy... but what's happening right now is more on monarchy system behind the curtain of democracy!! As in hadith said, the greatest lies is in our period of time. Is it one of the greatest lies? We votes a few people as they like different person...but they are all have the same bloodline!!

Now.....what about your country? about you? :)

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