Sunday, February 28, 2010

Video Must Watch : Muslims Civilizations..

When I watched this video, there was only one thing in my mind; spread this to our next generations so that they can see the truth behind the words "Dark ages" that always have been used for the period of time. In my earlier post, I had been introduced some of famous scientists and engineers in Muslims Civilizations in Bahasa. It is just the same with this video, but in more interesting perspective manner.

For Arabs, the video has your translations either...:) I hope, in our period of time, we can surpass them in our way, not just admire them. Be like them. Very strong in spirituals faith, and very strong in science, engineering, historical, philosophy, and other knowledge either. Not one of them, but all of them. If you make some researches about them, all of them are strong about understanding in philosophy. Why? It is because about their source of knowledge, The Quran. Nonetheless their first choice of source to seek knowledge are The Quran. They must know the literature, grammar, all sorts of things about the Quran before they can decipher the true meaning of Quran itself. How about us?.... I think we can start to ponder why we cannot achieve such high mentality in faith and also in education in our lifetime....We abandoned the true source of knowledge!!

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