Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Arrivals Part 45 (The Kaaba and the 9-11 Ritual)

I hope all my blog's followers are still in high spirit about Freemason and Dajjal's agenda. All information that have been told in this blog were taken from many reliable sources and some of them have proves and their own references. Many people taught that this is only an agenda or a mysterious story to entertain, not based on facts. But, as a Muslims, we should believe that this event will happen some day and it is not extremely to say that it maybe happen in our lifetime. The chronology of (Anti Christ) Dajjal's story has been studied by many researchers including religious people around the world. Many of them have same thought that in few years time, Dajjal or Antichrist will appear. Ironically, many of us will feel that he is the savior and the true leader for us except a group of people that still believe in Allah. Remember, this small group of people will be suppressed and murdered earnestly. I really hope that we are in that small group.

Like in our lifetime, we can see very clearly that people who want to bring justice or truth will be insulted, jeered and kicked out by current system of living. Even if someone don't want to join such futile activity like clubbing, lounging, will be isolated. People have more respect to others that always do the wrong thing (in religion). Try to look into your surrounding lifestyles, what happened to honest and kind people, people who did not miss any single prayer and did not want to join parties or concerts. What happened to our friends that want to dedicate his life more to religion, not to this temporary world. Are you support them, or jeered and isolated them? What happened to our community, was the crime going lesser or worse? What about our social problem, baby dumping issue, child abuse, liaison, adultery, were they going to be less or worse?

Why I'm asking those questions? It is because they are connected with each other. If you learn about connection of energy in our living world, more negativity in our lifestyle would bring more dark effect to our world. In easy words, disaster and catastrophic not only depends on the physical effect, but also our energy whose channeling each other. The world needs balance of the energy and we have ruined the balance. The goodness (positive energy) will be lesser and lesser until the world cannot support it anymore. It has definite connection between those two. If you are not believe in me, try to participate any seminars, or motivation session about spiritual effect to our living. Ask to the experts of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence (ESQ), then you will know this facts. Have you ever heard about this kind of phrase, " The world will end when there are no single person remembering their god, Allah".

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