Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Arrivals Part 46 (The Complete Human)

Well, this video is one of my favorite because it tells you what have they [freemason and Antichrist's followers] done to us to gain control and create their system right now. They attacked you to every single point. They did not miss even one point. But, are we aware these? Nope, not at all. We taught that all things that we saw, we ate, everything in this world are prepared for our goodness and made our lives better. They entertained us with music, songs, and movies. They fed you with fast food. They created porn's movies to make all of you as sex slaves. They controlled your knowledge and our thinking by using media, and propaganda. They controlled every single thing! Have you ever think that right now, all people in the world likes what they have taught to us? We have changed to be like they want us to be! No more Christianity, no more Hindus, no more Buddhas, no more Islam! They want to create "New World Order" that all people will and must worship their God, Lucifer!

Can't believe it? This is the truth. Slowly and slowly, if we are not aware these, we will straggle and lost to be a human. Try to look at our young generations. Yes, they are more clever and intelligent but what happen to their morals, their lifestyles, their behavior? As Muslims, we are the only one that can save humans from being cheated and controlled by them. Why? Because we worship the true God, Allah. No God is exist except Allah. No power is greater than the power of Allah. They cannot lie to us. We are the truth! We are the rights and we will spread this glad news to all people around the world and defeat them, no matter what. How? Spread the truth in Quran. Spread the taught of our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. All Muslims must be united. no more Syi'ah, no more Sunni, no more Malays, no more Arabs, no more Chinese, no more Western, no more Indians. We stand as Ummah. Fight for Islam. All for Islam, Islam for us!

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  1. Semoga kita hilang sifat kebergantungan pada hiburan2 seperti yg disebutkan dan beralih ke arah hiburan yang mengingati Allah s.w.t a.k.a zikrullah.