Friday, July 9, 2010

The Arrivals Part 47 (The Free Human)

First, I am sorry because it is been a while I'm not update my blog.

From this video, I quote,
"Unlike the past, today's currency money is not backed up by gold or silver, its built on interest (riba) and temporary illusionary value within your mind"

What do you think from this quote? For me, it is very clear that it is the system that we are living right now. The system of our currencies are currently so depend on it. Have you ever thinking about what is gonna be when the system is collapsed? What will happen to our currency? What will happen to our money that actually just a piece of paper not gold. Have you ever thinking of that? Are you thinking that the system will conserved forever? The system was created by the Jews, not God. The creator of the system was merely human. So, it is possible to have a thought that someday the system will be gone or changed. Another question that we can ask ourselves is, why? There are must be some reason behind of it. Why they created the system like that...Why they didn't use gold or silver as their base for currency like old days?
Why they chose piece of paper that called Dollars as the main currency in this world? How the currency in this world worked? How the currency in this world connected with each other beyond borders? Why the currency was always up and down in aspect of value? Why we cannot maintain the value as it is? Is it wrong to maintain the value of money like gold? Why a piece of paper in US is different with a piece of paper in other country? It is only a paper! What is so different?

One more thing that we can ask ourselves is, when would it be happened. The system will not be last forever, isn't it? One thing that can be conclude is; Whoever has the power, they will use the power to control the weak. Who is the weak? Easy answer, us! Because we are totally depend on the money to buy food, clothes, house, anything.

What is the power to control all over the world right now? Currency! It is the money! We are too much depend on the system that they have created. We have moved away from our natural life.
If you are given two choices in front of you; a huge amount of money: 500 billion euros (you can see with your bare eyes) and a huge amount of pahala or reward from Allah: can guarantee you to enter the heaven (you cannot see it at all), which one you will choose? Ask yourself...

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  1. I choose both. Huhu...

    We cannot 'run away' from money. Maybe the first step to stop being too dependent on money is start from the food.

    Money.. as long as we get it in a Halal way, use it wisely and niat bcoz of God, then insyaAllah we will get pahala.

    p/s: update lah lagi.... Never give up. ;)
    Jia You!