Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Arrivals Part 49 (The Arrival of the Dajjal)

Unity... the concept that we must achieve before we can fight against our enemy, the Antichrist. It is because if we are not unify ourselves, how are we gonna plan our strategies, our battle forces and etc to fight back? This is our main problem right now. How to unify all muslims in this world to sit under one roof. We always said that we believe in one God, Allah s.w.t. But are we truly believe this concept? Ok, let me explain further. Believing Allah is the only God not only believe it but we must have trust, faith, and do what Allah told us to do and do not do what Allah told us do not. Very simple isn't it? But are we did what have been told by our God? Are we doing the right thing or are we ignored some of Allah's order? Remember, even if we did wrong from our government rules, we were absolutely being punished weren't they? And the government also did not like it. Same concept, same theory to our religion, Islam. But, did you realize or not that some of us did not afraid to make something illegal from our taught in Islam? They are more afraid to bend the man's rule than Islamic's rule. This is absolutely wrong! It is must be Allah's rule we should follow and man's rule should be coincidence with it.Do you realize what I'm gonna say here? The main problem that we are not have a unity is because of this; ourselves! We already abandoned the must and we are not aware of this. The first step to get a unity in Islam is defeat yourselves! Follow the right path with honesty and control yourselves..

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