Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Arrivals Part 50 (The Arrival of Jesus The Messiah)

We are now reaching to the conclusion of the video but I am afraid that some of you did not fully understand about the content of these videos... The truly meaning what are the idea that the producer of these videos trying to tell you about. Well, I give you some guideline here on to grab the idea from all these videos:

1) Watch the videos sequentially, Watch it from Part 1 till the last. Yes, it is quite long and boring for those who do not understand the meaning or the idea..(or maybe language problem)

2) You must investigate by yourselves about what is Dajjal (The AntiChrist)... The Illuminati... about the Knight Templar... the mystery of Solomon's Temple (Istana Nabi Sulaiman a.s) and Freemason...

3) If you have DVD of The Lord of The Ring (complete set).. you can watch it again... by setting in you mind like this (I am just giving the example here) :

Gandalf - Nabi Isa a.s (Jesus)
Aragon - Imam Mahdi
Saruman - False Messiah ( Maybe the leader of Illuminati)
One Eye - Symbols of Dajjal (Anti Christ)

You can see on how they (Mordor's and Isengaard's army) conquered the middle earth and demolished everything in their path as going in the real world right now (Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, and maybe other Islamic countries that don't want to follow and obey their rules). As you can see the heroes have their win after Gandalf is rise again ( come back from death - or in Islam we believe Nabi Isa will come down to this world again to defeat Dajjal) and Aragon can rule all races (Hobbits, Mens, Dwarf, etc)..Same as the concept that we believe - Imam Mahdi will be rule the world again after defeating Dajjal.

4) Read the meaning of Quran... especially about this kind of event.

Maybe some of you feel strange and weird about why we are relating this event with movies... Well, did you feel strange on how they can create some nice movies like Star Wars, Matrix, TLoTR, The Book of Eli, and others? How they get those interesting ideas? Are they only imagining things that they can't see? Or they have some other sources..ancient sources... Do you ever heard about the Atlantis? About their civilization that surpass our own? Do you ever heard about Pyramid? Our archeologist still fight each other on how they build that massive stone pyramid... and also where the technology came from... some of them said that the pyramid technology came from South East Asia...interesting isn't? What I believe, the first source of knowledge came from God, Allah. This knowledge past to us by using Messiah (Nabi dan rasul) and holy books ( Taurat, Zabur, Injil, Quran) . They taught us by Allah's guidance about all things. After that, some of us carve them on stones, write in books. These books would be pass on generations after generations. Some of them have been missing [ Flood in Noah's time (Nabi Nuh a.s) maybe] and some are still here.

I am just want to trigger your taught here about all those things. Is is true? Well, try to investigate it by yourselves... and you will find some interesting facts that you feel very hard to believe and maybe the truth are different with what you have been taught in school or in media recently.


  1. exciting entry..btw...follow u ald...follow me back ok..:)

  2. di kalang ulama sendiri pon masih tiada tidak jelas tentang kedatangan nabi isa pada akhir zaman. apa pon semoga iman kita tetap terpelihara samapi kita mengadap Ilahi