Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Arrival Part 27 and Part 28 (Why Satanism is Practiced by Our Leaders)

"Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Happy Eid Mubarak for all muslims"

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Happy Eid Mubarak for all AllSortsOfThings's readers!! It is the greatest day for us to celebrate after having a month for fasting and I really hope it will strengthen our faith to Allah (God) and Rasulullah s.a.w. I pray to Allah so that all ibadah that we have done in fasting month will be accepted and for those who have wasted the opportunity to gain as much pahala as they could in fasting month, I hope Allah give to them some hidayah to be a loyal muslim again...insya Allah.

I want to give an example or a comparison, I guess, about Ramadhan to all of you. That month is like A GREAT SALE to get pahala. Why I said that? Try to imagine for those who are like to shopping, in particular month like New Year Sale as for example, that month you will have an opportunity to buy all stuffs with great discounts (maybe up to 90%)!! Not just discount, but also if you buy one, you will get free another one and also get some bonus rewards!!! I am very sure that people will attack all shopping malls in this world and maybe some of them are willing to fight to get what they want with somebody else! All shopping malls are fulled by all types of men and women until the crowded places cannot move even an inch anymore!! It is like a bunch of ants going to get sugar. That is for shopping....try to convert this situation into Ramadhan situation...gaining as much pahala as we could....Allah give to us an opportunity in Ramadhan to get discount, bonus reward and others for gaining pahala. Even one night in that month, one night is equal to one thousand month! Try to imagine that at that particular night, you have spent the whole night to make an ibadah.... You have gotten free bonus rewards for 1000 months! It is like you have won a "One Million Dollars Competition", isn't it? Not just for that night, the whole month also have other bonuses. You have an opportunity to get double, or triple...or even better for pahala when you are fasting (Please remember..not just eat and drink..)..when you paid zakat fitrah..when you prayed tarawikh..witr..Qiamullaill..Tahajjud..Solat Tasbih..and many more in Ramadhan. It is like an extravaganza reward for the whole month (not a few days...but a month!) for all muslims to get pahala!!

But why we did not take this opportunity just like we took great sale's opportunity? Ask ourselves and think it for a while. We have been brainwashed by our enemies...As a present for all of you..I continue to upload The Arrivals video with next episode..Part 27 and Part 28..I hope for the next year of Ramadhan..we can do better...

The Arrivals Part 27 (Why Satanism is Practiced by Our Leaders)

The Arrivals Part 28 (Why Satanism is Practiced by Our Leaders)

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