Monday, August 24, 2009

The Arrival Part 25 and Part 26

Everything that have been introduced so far was just an introduction. The introduction for us to free our get out of the box that have been given to us. All the previous series just to give you freedom of mind, and also purpose of our soul. Right now, you are at the in the right mindset, to receive the most valuable information. Now, it is time to begin with the answers.....

Oh yes....remind that for part 25, there is some quotes from seminar/talk. The seminar/talk was recorded before this series had been produced. It means that maybe the quotes had recorded before 2008. But, what in the quotes said, is really happening today! I am not said that the speaker can predict the future, but it is from hadith Rasulullah S.A.W. All muslims should know that how much the significant of hadith in our lives. From hadith, the speaker had made his investigation about this, and look what he had found..... The truth about Dajjal's arrival. If I am not mistaken, the electronic money had been introduced but still in arguments for using it and also U.S had proposed that Israel will be the next ruling center or it can be said the next Washington D.C... IS IT REALLY OBVIOUS??

The Arrival Part 25 ( The Anti Christ Dajjal is Here)

The Arrival Part 26 (The Anti Christ Dajjal is Here)

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