Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Arrivals Part 30 and Part 31

Movies....there are lots of movies that have been produced by Hollywood. Most of them are very entertaining to watch. I think most of you will enjoy to watch like The Matrix, Transformers, Lord of The Ring, Friday 13th, and many more. Have you ever think about how they got those ideas to create such nice movies.... Is it just an imagination, their fantasy or the idea was popping from their minds just like that? Or...they used some historical resources or facts and exaggerated a little bit with their own ideas? How about the scenery they have used like the checkered floor, the pyramid,....have you ever think about that? What about the title itself like "Friday 13th"...why is Friday? and why is 13th? What is the connection between horror movie and Friday and 13th? Or it is just want to impart the message to you that "Please be afraid of afraid of 13th" And also...if you have seen movies entitled "Devils wears Prada" and also "Bewitched"..why its posters used a lady that wore red clothes? Yes..both of movies told about devil criteria...but why a lady in red? Erm....what else... oh about a movie entitles "2012"...that's also an interesting title.... I am not going to discuss about "Da Vinci Code" or "Devils versus Demon" because they are obvious...maybe some facts have been changed a little bit (But, if you know nothing about it, you will accept it with no question mark because there are lots of mysteries behind the movie) and some of them remained untouch.

Here, I just want to remind you that...there are very deep meanings and connections within all those movies. There are sorts of secret meanings behind all of them. I am not telling that all movies have these, but some of them definitely have those. From these videos...I am sure all of you will get some ideas about what I am trying to tell you just now.

The Arrivals Part 30 (The Checkered Floor and The Gods)

The Arrivals Part 31 (The Great Deception)

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