Monday, October 19, 2009

The Arrivals Part 35 (The Temple of Solomon)

Here it is some of the story of our prophet Nabi Sulaiman a.s. From this simple story, I am really very appreciated if it would trigger some curiosity within you to find out more about Nabi Sulaiman a.s.

" Nabi Sulaiman was chosen the Prophet after his father died. He was given the special gift of wisdom from ALLAH (S.W.T) where he could judge (21:79) between people in a just and fair manner. He was also given the gift of understanding as well as talk to all the plants, birds (27:16), animals, insects, wind and even the jinns (27:17- unseen creations) and Satan, the devil (38:37). He was given this gift so that he could protect and be very careful in treating all the animals and insects correctly. He also had the extraordinary gift of talking to the plants to learn what benefit and cures they carried for the human beings and animals that needed medical help. His special power of controlling the wind (21:81 &34:12) enabled him to travel very quickly and at great speed. His ability to communicate with the Jinn was to make use their labour force in working (34:13). He even used the Satans for building and diving into the deepest seas for its treasures.

One day when Nabi Sulaiman a.s and his army reached a valley on their way to fight their enemy he heard a tiny ant cry out, “O you ants, hurry seek shelter, hide, the soldiers are coming this way. Quickly take cover or they will trample you to death(27:18).” When he heard these cries of warning from the tiny ant he stopped his army and asked his men to be very careful not to kill the tiny ants. He smiled at the wisdom of this ant and thanked (27:15) his Creator for this special favour that has been bestowed on him (27:19). He did not proceed any further. He turned around and headed home to save lives as well as save the weakest of creatures."

There is more...and we must know all of this so that you will truly understand what is the meaning of this video..

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