Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Arrivals Part 34 (The Infiltration of Religion)

Ermm....there are lots of argument about the existence of God. I cannot believe that many people from great background in education are still cannot grab the idea of God's existence. What did they learn in their lifetime?? You can see in many articles from internet discussing about "there is no God" or "God is you"...Please...God (Allah) is exist! There is no doubt about it.. Do you know why?

There is no such power that can create our universe right now except God. As mentioned in previous episode, if there is a micro size of error, this world can't be existed like today. What creatures can do that? Nobody can create a very perfect being except God. If there is someone who said that God is yourself...can you create the second universe with same in all aspects without any materials or theories that you have been learned until now? You are brilliant or smart because you learned! You are not the creator of those knowledge, you just found them! Still don't get the idea?

It is easy....try to create a bird without nothing..means that create something from nothing. If some of you said that, "Oh..I create a bird by cloning process."......But, you created the bird from substance that have existed in this world a long long time ago, cells of bird!. It is still not from nothing. Can you create the clone bird from nothing? Okay...if someone ask "What is nothing?"....The answer is simple..."Nothing!!" You can't do it from nothing, isn't? it seems like unlogical thinking or concept...but God can do that. That's why we must believe in God. Whatever we do, we are playing with all creation of God...not create them, but manipulate them..change them...understand this...insya Allah, you will save from our enemy's deception.

Please...all muslims...all people around the world that still in doubt about there is a God... think again. Allah gives to us an ability to think...use it for your own good... Beware of all deception from them (People who followed the anti-Christ).

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  1. dis posting give me more strengh!:D masyaallah n alhamdulillah

    ,,thkss for reminding