Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Arrivals Part 38 (The Story of Islam)

Just a little bit about the story of Islam. For those who are in Islamophobia state, please get some remedy of it...because you are sick. Why you should scare of Islam? What is Islam? What is Islam means? Ask these questions to yourself. And I will not hesitate to ask these questions also to Muslims though... Because there are so many muslims who do not understand about Islam either. Is Islam just a religion which ask to pray five times a day? Is Islam a religion especially for Arabs?
I give these questions because in international media, when they told us about Islam, they will show to you some Arabian pictures or videos... especially about terrorist!! They just show to us in simple these: Arabian pictures or mosques or people who have beard..

Nuclear weapon... Iranian... Axis of Evil... arabian again?

Islam.... Arabian... people who wear white long cloth (jubah)...long beard...

Those are some examples that you can watch in your television... why they don't show to us like these:

Terrorist.... Zionist... Israel flag.. people who don't believe in God..

Nuclear weapon... Hiroshima and Nagasaki...USA.. area 51...UN??

Islam.... all people around the world.. all people who believe in one God, Allah.. there are no races in Islam.. they are no rich and poor man... they are all called as MUSLIM... Still don't get it?

You know... the first impression is very important. When you set your mind, it will take enormous effort to change it. That's what happen here. They give you the first impression to all of you...and then you will believe it automatically.. They gave you the first shot...and then let the time do the work to you... and now you can see that their strategy have succeeded.

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