Monday, December 14, 2009

The Arrivals Part 39 (The Prophet's Lineage)

The bloodline of our prophet, Muhammad S.A.W....who are among us know exactly about the bloodline of our prophet? Some people will say for this video that its information was come from Syi'ah. Yes, I admit it. The bloodline of our prophet that have been shown in this video was taken from Syi'ah believers, but for this information, is it wrong? Do you know the exact information?

So, what I want to share here is people always seem to point fingers to each other if they feel that the information is wrong. What if they investigate by themselves? Find the truth by their own hands and effort...let us see the right fact that they feel right. Are they do it? Nope... I don't think so.... people will always talk and talk and talk without facts.

Researchers said that Imam Mahdi will come from our prophet's bloodline. This kind of information cannot be wrong because it was come from hadith. So.....from history, the bloodline of our prophet seems to be its end. How come Imam Mahdi can exist? Hmm....if you are a Muslim, you should still believe Imam Mahdi will exist but, the question is how can it be? That's the problem statement we should come out with. Here I give some answers that you should try to investigate....

1) There are some other people who have direct bloodline of our prophet save from be killed.

2) The bloodline from the video is incomplete...(deliberately to do so as to hide who is
Imam Mahdi)

3) The information from the bloodline is not true....(maybe have some secrecy behind the story)

4) Some of the bloodline have been gone to other country as a trader and settle there.
(Married and the bloodline have spreaded again in new country as new race)

And many more.... you know....from my investigation itself, I'm prefer number 4. How about you guys? Is it in the list, or there is a new idea....

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