Monday, December 21, 2009

The Arrivals Part 40 (The Common Ground)

You know.... I am interested with this video..Nope... I'm amazed with this video. As you shall see, a part from this video, there are people from many regions and tribes. Hence, they are talking each other like there do not have any difference among them. I can see peace and harmony among them. Can we be like that?

Another thing that I am concerned with is about quoting any sentences or words from other person or books. I want to ask you... how many people will use Al-Quran as their quote? From my experience in academician field like seminars, conferences, or any gathering about knowledge or science and technology, there are so few people (Muslim) who use Al-Quran or Islamic scholars as their quote. Many of them will use words from Western scholars or maybe other sources. Why is this happening? Is there don't have any information about knowledge or science and technology in Quran at all? How ridiculous....Quran is the source of knowledge! Why we as a Muslims abandon our source of knowledge? Or.... Are we ashame with Quran? Look at Christian people, they are not ashame of their Bible at least that should be our instigate to change to be a better person. Or maybe we don't know about Quran at all to quote any sentence from it. You know why? Because many of us don't understand the meaning of Quran! Not even understand the Quran, but so few of us have read the Quran! Maybe there is some increase in number of reading the Quran in Ramadhan, I guess...(Reading...but not understand at all... How pity......)

Remember guys, Quran is everything. In Quran, there have Politics, histories, science and technologies, astronomies, archeologies, and so on. All knowledge in this world is within Quran. Remember, to understand the Quran easier is by using Hadith and Ulama' as our guidance. So, what is the problem? As a muslim, it is our responsibilities to decipher the Quran. We should be the leading people in knowledge.

P/S: Trying to memorize short Surah (Muqaddam) is quite okay for the least in our pray, we don't just read Al-Fatihah...:)

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