Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Arrival Part 19 and 20

Assalamualaikum guys. Now, we are in August 2009. Time is moving very fast and yet we still in searching about truth. For part 19 and part 20 episodes, I will introduce to you about another Dajjal's method to control our free minds. This is another agenda that is very popular right now. Do you know what is the meaning of UFO? It is "Unidentified Flying Object". An object that can fly without wings and very advance in technological aspect. I don't want to describe further about this but I want to give a question. Do you know that Jin ( is not Genie in the bottle) have very advance in technological knowledge compared with us? There were some people said that they have 70 years more advance than us about technological and knowledge. Please look back to our history, ancient history about this world. For people in Malaysia, please watch again "Jejak Rasul" from season 1 till end. For people outside Malaysia, I don't know your documentary channel, but please take some effort to know some history about Jinn (Genie). What I know like in Malaysia, there are many terms or names like "Orang Bunian", "Jin", and etc. that have been told in "Sejarah Melayu" or other historical books. For people around the world, I know all of you will have some sort of historical books like us. the original one, because a large amount of our history books had been changed so that we would believe what THEY want us to believe!!

For example, in Malaysia...this is what I know from one of truth seeker. In the past, we believe that Melaka had a palace that built from stones and bricks!! Not from woods! If somebody ask what is the proof? I will ask again, The A Famosa, where Portuegese got their brick and stone to build that kind of building even though Melaka don't have any quarries? And the time frame to build that huge thing was too short! (I don't remember the exact time frame) Where did they get to build the thing very fast? Even if we use our modern technological right now, still cannot achieve in that time frame!! One more thing, why ancient Melaka had been called CITY if the palace just from woods, villager's roof house made by palm leaf? Is it a big question?

Our origin...the first mosque.....Henry the Black (Panglima Hitam)....The Origin of Hawaiian is Malay..Ancient Keris (Malay's ancient weapon) had found in Japan...Srivijaya's money made from gold...Malay race have been noted in ancient book as great sailor..and many others. Even Sulaiman Prophet a.s used huge amount of gold that have been traded from countries far from the east (is it Nusantara?) Do you remember what people called for south east asia at that time especially peninsular of Malaysia?

There are many question marks about my ancient about you guys? Back to main topics, please watch these videos exclusively for the first post in August!

The Arrival Part 19 (The UFO Phenomena)

The Arrival Part 20 (The UFO Phenomena)

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