Monday, August 10, 2009

The Arrival Part 22 (Our Satanic Pop Culture)

This episode will show you the starting path for next videos coming after this by connect all of the topics that we had discuss earlier in previous episodes. At first, it will show you the satanic culture that have been indoctrinated to you years after years. More frightening, we are not aware any of those and many muslims are using their symbols and styles without knowing the purpose of those symbols and culture. For muslims, don't celebrate Happy Valentine's Day, please recheck what is the origin of that symbolic day. For christian, please check again what is the origin of Happy Christmas, the truth behind that day. Please check who is Jesus Christ (Isa Prophet a.s ) and the origin of his believe to God. There are many loopholes and mysteries if all of you investigate deeply about this. And for muslims, don't think that these are not important to us, these are very important because they are involving our faith and "aqidah".

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  1. Video nie tersekat2 kat tempat yang 'mencurigakan'... :p