Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Arrival Part 23 ( Materialism and The Battle Within)

"Bayang-bayang Sepanjang Badan"

Materialism....what do you understand about this? There are lots of people that did not aware they are one of the groups in this kind of disease. In Arabic, there is a word called "wasatiah". In Malay, the word means "Kesederhanaan". This is the answer how to reduce or delete the materialism in our lives. Many people do not like this word and attitude because this word always has been related as stingy, boring, and all negative side. But, unfortunately, this word is best way you want to face the world. Please understand this, "wasatiah" is good for your health, life, and also for afterlife. Ask people who know this nature of living, and you will understand why I said it. If all people in this world practise this nature, there will be no poverty, war, oppression, mayhem and all sorts of negativity because all those bad things come from ourselves, our weakness that cannot control our passion to this world. Remember, THEY have been planning all of this and I am sure many of you are not aware of this until it is too late. Ramadhan will come soon enough and please...starting with this month, practise "wasatiah" in your life. You will be a soldier and the battlefield is within yourselves!

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