Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Arrival Part 11 (Musical Sorcery)

"Fikir itu pelita hati" that very seductive and sometimes can be very soothing. The definition of music is differ for each individual person. Someone said music is sound, someone said music is some kind of vibration movement of something that very fast until it make some reaction from kinetic energy to sound energy, or others. What ever it is, it can be helpful or useful, sometimes can be so irritating. If we think deeply, sound of singing birds, sound of wind, even our voices is music. It can make us feel very peaceful and calm. Sound of car's exhaust is also music, but more on disturbing sound. Our world is full by music. We cannot escape and ignore it. Without music, our world is full with silence and lonely. What if music is abused for some reason, or some conspiracy motives that we do not expect at all. Kindness in music has been locked up by darkness and evil purpose. Let us see how Illuminati and Freemason abuse the music by manipulation and exploitation. This will continue in part 12 and 13.

In part 14 and 15, we will watch why in America, the world of acting is called "hollywood". Have you think about that word before? Not at all isn't it? Why it has been using and more importantly what is the meaning behind that word? Stay tuned....

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