Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Arrival Part 17 (War on Terror)

War on seems that this title is famous enough without my explanation. I want to ask all of AllSortOfThings's readers. Can you imagine if all countries in this world can live peacefully and no more war? Can you imagine what will our soldiers do if there is nothing they can do to shoot their bullet? What I mean is what is the purpose of war? What agendas behind those wars? Who proposed "War on terror"? And more importantly is why? Have you ever think what is gonna be in our lives if we are living without any single war happen in this world? What I can think is there is no need to invade another country, no need to kill people, no need to invest more money to upgrade weaponry, no reason to make any single mess! Is that Dajjal's followers want? Nope, that's what they do not want at all. They will create wars after wars and they don't care by hooke or by crooke, by hoax or lies, as long as it will achieve their missions.

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