Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Arrival Part 12 and 13

For part 12 and 13, I give it to you exclusively and simultaneously to AllSortOfThings's readers. I hope all of you can grab the message...if you want to study first about those things, try to investigate "scottish right" and "York right". This is very important in Freemasonry pyramid and also try to investigate about "Jewish magic". If you still not read the history of The Knight Templars, please read it.

The Arrival Part 12 (Light up The Darkness)

Have you watched the movie titled "Bewitched"? It was a story about a man have made a contract with a demon. What colour the demon always wears her cloth? It is same like another movie, "The Devil's Advocate". From these movies, you will see that "lady in red" is an important character. Why? What is the meaning of lady in red?

The Arrival Part 13 (Lady in Red)

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