Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Arrival Part 15 (Hollywood and The Promised Land)

"Nyamuk lepas, Pijat-pijat kena pirik"

You know....I've seen so many action movies especially from Hollywood and many of them are using same race for antagonist character. That race is Arabs. They are always compared or seen as terrorist. Why? Is that because Arabs are so popular with suicide bombers? Why they are not popular in such different ways like their culture or food? Where did you get all news or information about suicide bombers or terrorist? Who supplies those kind of news to us? CNN? Are you sure that person was Arabs or more importantly a Muslim?? Nope, because they weared masks. If they (suicide bombers) are really proud about what they have been doing, why they are always covered their faces?? Are they scared their enemies would know them? Why should they scared? They will be dead anyways! If they really want to be JIHAD, they should not cover their face at all. After all, JIHAD should not be that way, that is totally wrong! Or they are just a decoy to make Islam look really bad for people's views?? Have you ever think that the people who become suicide bombers were neither not Muslims at all nor Arabs ? Have you ever think about this just a few seconds? This is what I heard few weeks ago from my friend that in Afghanistan, some Policemen had captured a suicide bomber. When they checked his identity, he didn't have any information, no ID, no passport, nothing! He is like a ghost. And more importantly, after few days investigation, interrogation and had given words from police department that what he said in there would not be announced publicly, he admitted that he is not Muslim at all. He was forced to be a suicide bomber by some people that he did not know!! They threatened him that they would kill all his family if he did not do like what they said. So, guys.....Think first before you believe what in the news said.....

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  1. "This is Zion! and we are not afraid!"

    Through film the message was given.