Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Arrival Part 5 (Architecture & Energy)

"Seni bina melambangkan bangsa dan agama"...

The Arrival part 5 will explain about building design to channel energy. Maybe we are not aware that every mosque(Masjid) have some same design aspects. But why? Have you ask that before? Dear muslim designers and architects, do you know this thing?? Why Antichrist or Dajjal like to have pyramid or obelisk shape building? You knew already the truth behind the symbol in part 4, and maybe if somebody said that we should take care our inside problems first before think about worldwide.....well...we altogether should think about it again. Please check again our history (I mean real history) and you will know that this worldwide problem have really strong connection to us. I give an example.....WHO WAS STARTED ABOUT THIS,"DIVIDE AND RULE" IN OUR COUNTRY?. This method is Freemason's and IIluminati's method to conquer the world (Details in other part of The Arrivals)....coincidence? And....Malaysia also has a pyramid shopping mall, is it? Hmm.......

There is a blue writing part that maybe not too clear to read in this video. It is about Burj Dubai, the tallest skycrappers in the world. The writing is:

"Since the tower passed the 2300 ft mark around 5 month ago, (when they shot this video),Dubai has been in almost constant state of mist. It is around 2950 ft tall (at that time) and counting....Dubai which is predominantly desert has now become misty. No meteorologist can see the connection. I wonder...What will happen when THIS (focus on next unique building) city, with this uniquely designed centerpiece is built?"


Part 6 will explain what is the importance of controlling the energy by those building. I will release the arrival part 6 as soon as possible. So, stay tuned...

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