Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Arrival Part 2 (Mind Control ft. George Carlin)

Mind Control...

The arrival part 2 has arrived! This video will be featured by Mr. George Carlin, who really love to have free mind ( it means not to be controlled by them!) Why? Because he think before he do something! Why do we really love to have some entertainment like music, or movies? Why many people like cigarettes even though the people who create that thing do not smoke at all? Why drugs are so easy to get from all the world? Why? Why? Why? Have you think of those before?

How muslims lived centuries ago (within 700 - 1300 M) without television and computers. Were they would be bored like us? Try to imagine if we are sent to live in their period of life, how it's gonna be? Life that do not have television, computers, hand phone, PDA's, and all sorts of technologies. How they can live happily and harmony without those things? What were they did in their leisure time? How about in weekend, were they went to city and roamed around like they had nothing to do? And more importantly, why were they very successful in their life? Many muslims from that period having their name in world history. Not as terrorist or hopeless person, but a scholars, a pioneer for science education, a philosopher, an astronomer and also some of them are inventor for our technologies right now! Why? Maybe we still not aware that our mind have being controlled.... being controlled by them ( you know what I mean). Try to watch this video...and you will understand that a little bit.

Stay tuned for part3 after this...

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  1. mind control... maybe there's a lot of people realize how their mind being controlled, unfortunately they still choose to let it happens, though. Do u agree?

    Why? It's due to a simple reason.. Short term happiness.